Changing a username in WordPress

If you set up a WordPress blog, you might find that you’ve created your first user account – probably yours – and might have wanted to either use a slightly different version or perhaps a different letter-case. When I migrated this blog over to WordPress, I created the user “nick.” Which is OK except that in the design, it was appearing as lower-case which is not what I wanted. I wanted “Nick.” If you’ve ever tried to change this setting in WordPress, you will have come accross this message:

Usernames cannot be changed.

And they mean it.

The easiest way I found to get around this, though a little time-consuming, is to simply follow these steps :

  1. Create a new User with Administrator priveledges
  2. Log-in to your admin section using this new user
  3. Go to the “Users” tab and tick the checkbox next to the username you wish to modify (in my case, “nick”). In the “Bulk Actions” drop-down, select “Delete” and then click on “Apply.” If you have created or imported posts at this point, you will have two options: 1) Delete the posts or 2) Associate the posts to a different User. Select the second option and associate the posts to the new user you created (the one you are currently logged in as). Accept these changes.
  4. Create a new user – the one you originally wanted to create – and give him “Administrator” rights.
  5. Log out and Log back in using your new user.
  6. Repeat step 3 but delete the previous user you created this time.

Voila. You now have your main user with the exact name or letter-case you wanted.

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