Editing hosts file in Windows 7

NOTE: This example uses the file “hosts” as an example but other files can also be modified using this technique.

If at some point you need to modify your hosts file in Windows 7, you’ll most likely have to change your access rights to that specific file.

Please note that you have to have administrator privileges to make the following changes.

  1. In Explorer, go to the file you wish to Edit. In this case “c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”
  2. Right-click on that file and select “Properties”
  3. Select the “Security” tab
  4. Select your User.
  5. Click on “Edit”
  6. Click on your username again and modify the permissions as you wish. In most cases, you can give yourself “Full Control”
Changing file permissions for a file in Windows 7

Boot Windows 7 DVD from VMWare Fusion 3 Vista installation

If you have a Windows 7 DVD Installation and you want (or have to) update an existing Vista virtual image that you have installed in VMWare’s (excellent) Fusion software, you need to boot from DVD. Usually, this will not happen by default. In VMWare Fusion 3, you need to select your Virtual Machine. It must be stopped. Go to the Settings and then the click on Advanced. Finally, click on CD/DVD. You can now start your Virtual Machine, put the DVD in quickly (unless it’s already in), and be ready to “Press any key to boot from DVD-” This may require you to give full focus to the Virtual Machine’s window.


Once you’ve installed Windows 7, or any other Windows version for that matter, you can completely remove the installation by shutting down the machine, right”clicking on it in your VM library, and selecting delete.